Global Manufacturing Facilities

In order to address your unique global manufacturing and development needs, Minaris Regenerative Medicine has six state-of-the-art facilities across three different continents: North America (United States), Europe (Germany), and Asia (Japan).

Mountain View, CA Allendale, NJ Munich, Germany Ottobrunn, Germany Yokohama, Japan

Leverage Our Global Presence

Strategic alignment between our facilities allows for a seamless global manufacturing experience that mitigates risks, reduces your overall cost of goods, and supports the advancement of your therapeutic candidates to the market as well as commercial production for approved products.

Our global presence allows you to manufacture and deliver your therapeutic to patients worldwide, starting with access to North American, European, and Japanese markets.

Our capabilities, coupled with our talented scientists and biomedical engineers, are here to support you in every stage of your clinical manufacturing development and commercialization.


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As a pioneer with more than 20 years’ experience providing outstanding quality and reliability, our facilities in the US, Europe, and Asia allow us to supply patients worldwide with life-changing therapies.

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Download Our Company Brochure

North America Facilities

Allendale, New Jersey

75 Commerce Drive
71,200 sq. ft.
  • GMP clinical and commercial manufacturing capabilities
  • Process and analytics development capabilities
  • Manufacturing development capabilities
  • 10 clean rooms
  • Cryostorage facility
  • Close proximity to LaGuardia, JFK and Newark airports

Allendale, New Jersey

4 Pearl Court
30,000 sq. ft.
US-4 PC Allendale exterior_ABD16-9
  • GMP clinical manufacturing capabilities
  • 6 clean rooms
  • Cryostorage facility
  • Close proximity to LaGuardia, JFK and Newark airports

Mountain View, California

291 N Bernardo Ave
25,000 sq. ft.
US-Mountain View-exteriour _ESilva-16-9
  • GMP clinical manufacturing capabilities
  • Manufacturing development capabilities
  • 6 clean rooms
  • Cryostorage facility
  • Close proximity to San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland airports

Europe Facilities

Ottobrunn near Munich, Germany

Haidgraben 5
24,000 sq. ft.
GER-Ottobrunn facility-1-large-Minaris-16-9
  • GMP clinical and commercial manufacturing capabilities
  • Process develoment
  • 6 clean rooms
  • Cryostorage facility
  • Close proximity to Munich International airport

Taufirchen near Munich, Germany

Ludwig-Bölkow-Allee 22a
88,590 sq. ft.
  • GMP clinical and commercial manufacturing capabilities
  • Process development
  • 6 clean rooms with flexible size
  • Cryostorage facility
  • Close proximity to Munich International Airport
  • Start of operations in 2024

Asia Facilities

Yokohama, Japan

4F Shibusawa ABC Building #1
47,400 sq. ft.
  • GMP clinical and commercial manufacturing capabilities
  • Manufacturing development capabilities
  • 6 clean rooms
  • Cryostorage facility
  • Close proximity to Narita and Haneda airports

Facility Under Construction

Construction is almost completed for our new facility in Munich, Germany. This timelapse video shows the progress on our construction site in 2022. The new manufacturing site will provide additional clean room capacity for cell and gene therapies beginning in 2024. If you have growing manufacturing needs, now is the time to start a conversation with us.

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Regulatory Compliance

All of our GMP manufacturing facilities offer cell and tissue cryogenic storage rooms with controlled access, live facility and equipment monitoring with automated alarm call-out, and UPS connection, ensuring the highest level of quality control and risk mitigation for product storage. In addition to CERs and cryostorage rooms, our facilities house GMP-compliant material management facilities, QC and analytical laboratories, as well as product and process development laboratories.

Our U.S. facilities hold all requisite licensures and maintain GMP-compliant quality systems

Our European facilities are compliant with all EU regulations and general FDA guidelines, hold all licenses for different types of complex cell and gene therapy products falling under the EU definition of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP).

Our Yokohama facility is compliant with Japanese GCTP regulations (PMDA) and is authorized to manufacture regenerative medicine products.

GER-Ottobrunn-hallway2 75 CD outer hallway 5

Future Expansion

The future of cell and gene therapy production relies on our ability to fully meet the manufacturing needs of our existing and future clients. As an industry leader, we are always looking toward the future to expand our global facilities in order to enhance our capacity to serve you.

  • In Germany, we are expanding to a new building that is located 1.5 miles (2.5 km) from our existing site in Ottobrunn near Munich. The state-of-the-art facility will offer a significant number of additional clean rooms with modular design.
  • In Japan, we have an expansion plan. We will establish new clean rooms in a new facility next to our current facilities. A bioreactor process for cell expansion is also available in the new facility. Moreover, further clean rooms expansion is applicable upon clients' needs.
  • In the USA, we are currently doubling our clean room capacity for late stage and commercial products at our Allendale, New Jersey, site.

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