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The success of Minaris Regenerative Medicine GmbH is based on our dedicated employees. Our mission, "Creating Future Cell Therapy Miracles Together", unites our team, gives patients new hope with innovative therapies, and allows us to achieve great things.

Due to our successful growth, we are constantly looking for motivated employees at our sites in Munich Grosshadern and Ottobrunn near Munich. You can find our open positions within our job portal:

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At Minaris, a candidate’s qualifications and motivation count the most for us, regardless of age religion, sexual orientation, or origin. We therefore welcome every application.

What I appreciate about Minaris is that the company not only cares deeply about the patients, but also their own employees. Minaris has supported me both personally and professionally. This has allowed me to follow an internal career path and develop from Technical Assistant to Quality Control Manager. Due to this, I was able to grow with my changing tasks.


Manuela Quality Control Manager, Quality Control

At Minaris you can develop yourself at any time. I was initially a Cleanroom Assistant for a year and am now a Technical Assistant in manufacturing. In addition to the processes in the clean room, I am responsible for equipment and training new employees. I enjoy this a lot, and since I have had a good initial training myself, I know how important it is. What motivates me to continue developing at Minaris is that we manufacture and produce very modern therapeutics at a very high quality, so patients can live a better life.


Aras Technical Assistant, Manufacturing

We use modern technical capabilities and electronic laboratory systems at Minaris, which was at first an adjustment for me, although I already have a lot of professional experience. However, I have found that with challenges comes growth, and I am very satisfied with myself afterwards. This is why I also applied internally for the Senior Technical Assistant position. I like that Minaris has transparent rules for promotions and that everyone has a chance to be considered for future opportunities. When I go home at the end of the work day, it's important for me to know that I have done something meaningful and have been able to make a difference for real patients.


Tatjana Senior Technical Assistant, Manufacturing

There is a strong sense of teamwork at the company - everyone is very helpful and supportive of one another. We are encouraged to ask questions so that no uncertainties remain, which makes the diverse tasks fun. The work is demanding, but not overwhelming. You do have to work very precisely, but the rules under GMP conditions provide security. I also like that my work is divided between the lab and the desk, which is just the right balance for me.


Arne Technical Assistant, Quality Control

I was responsible for supplier qualification in the quality unit for 10 years, and I find it very interesting how Minaris, and also our suppliers, have developed during this time. I was, so to speak, very close to how a new industry was created. After my parental leave, I wanted to reorient myself, and am now working in the quality area in the inspection of routine production of pharmaceuticals - it is an exciting change of perspective. I believe that there will always be new opportunities at Minaris in the future, as we are growing strongly. I was also very pleased with how my request for part-time work was accommodated.


Christine Quality Manager, Quality Management

I like the fact that we make many decisions together as a team and can contribute our own ideas at any time. I find my job in hygiene monitoring exciting - there is always something new to discover. We bear responsibility for the quality of our products and ultimately for the patients. Two years ago, I switched from manufacturing to quality control, and I often fall back on my years of experience in the clean room. The fact that my internal switch was made possible and supported by my managers and the teams made me very happy.


Olja Technical Assistant, Quality Control

My favorite thing about Minaris is being able to help the patients of today, while developing the technologies of tomorrow. Within our Process Development and Innovation department, we optimize manufacturing processes of cell and gene therapies. It is exciting to know that my scientific work is so close to the application of the therapy; it is not long before the processes we develop are used for products in clinical trials. We do not have a strict routine within our team, as there are always new problems and solutions to develop.


Enric Manager, Process Dev. & Innovation

As a biotechnologist, I am fascinated by cell and gene therapies because they offer new solutions for illnesses that are currently untreatable, such as some hereditary diseases. I am motivated by the fact that we produce therapies that address the cause of the disease and can have a lifelong effect for patients. In my role as Team Lead Quality Operations, I like that I have an overview of many processes and work with different departments and people. It's important to me to always be able to learn throughout my career, so I feel very proud of our continuous improvement company culture.


Josep Team Lead Quality Operations, Quality Management



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Team Spirit

As a global company, we see our diversity as an opportunity to learn from each other and find innovative solutions together. For this reason, we value an informal and collegial tone in our international teams, foster an open culture of discussion, and welcome ideas for improvement from all employees. In addition, we promote team spirit through cross-departmental exchange, e.g. in the form of company events.


Family and Well-being

Allowing our employees flexibility between their family and career is important to us. We support those returning to work with flexible working time models and pay a subsidy for childcare costs. To promote the health of our employees, we offer numerous preventive measures such as a voluntary flu vaccination or a discounted membership in our partner gym. In addition, we demonstrate team spirit at various sporting events every year.



At Minaris, you can expect competitive payment and 30 vacation days per year. With capital-forming benefits and a company pension scheme, we support our employees in their private provision. Thanks to our corporate benefits, you will receive special conditions with numerous suppliers and brands.


Global Network

We are a globally operating company in the growing field of Life Science within Showa Denko Materials Group. Minaris Regenerative Medicine is one of the world's leading CDMOs that manufacturers and develops innovative cell and gene therapeutics. We exchange technologies and know-how with our sister companies in the USA and Japan, and therefore have a broad spectrum of knowledge in an exciting industry.



At Minaris, you will find an exciting and innovative environment with numerous opportunities for creativity and development as well as plenty of room for personal initiative. We support the development of our employees through internal and external training programs and promote careers within our teams and departments.

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