Meet Our Team Behind the Cells: Aditya Nimmagadda

PCT Team | August 28, 2020

Career Paths: Development Stories at HCATS

Aditya Nimmagadda, Project Manager, Allendale

We pride ourselves on our exceptional team of cell therapy development and manufacturing experts. In the coming months, we’ll be introducing you to many of our team members who we think you should get to know.

How did you first come to HCATS and why?

Adi meet the team

I knew the Allendale facility Site Director, Ali Mohammed, from a previous company. In 2015, I was back in school finishing up my master’s in Information Systems and I was looking for a job. I reached out him asking if there was anything available, which is how I learned about the company.

At my previous company, I had started in R&D and then moved into tech transfers.

In those roles, I was working on research products with a cell biology-focus. In my most recent role, I started in production to set up a manufacturing facility for a Phase 3 clinical product. By choice and chance, my career was following the path of the product itself in a way (R&D to tech transfer to manufacturing).

HCATS was a perfect fit for what I wanted to do – having a direct impact on patients. I started working here December 2015 in operations as a Manufacturing Associate III.

How did you develop in your first role at HCATS and make your change of role?

I was in operations for about two years. Over the course of 2016, I was learning about the processes and how the company works. Then I started think, “Where do I go from here?”

In January 2018, I joined Quality Assurance. I looked at the position as a great opportunity to continue to follow the path of the product. After the product is manufactured, what happens to it? You have quality assurance that release the product for the client. It was all helping me move towards my greater goal of becoming technically knowledgeable about the path of the product.

How did you transition to your current role in project management?

I wanted to move into project management for a few years before coming here and I completed my PMP (Project Management Professional certification) in 2016. Working in operations made me realize that what I was learning as an Operator and QA associate was going to help me when I moved into project management. I could be a technical project manager with the kind of hands-on knowledge that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

I interviewed for the entry level role for an Associate Project Manager and in August 2018 and moved to that role. In May 2019, I was promoted to Project Manager.

What had led to your success in career development at HCATS?

Others have presented me with opportunities – whether it was quality management when I moved into quality or the head of project management when I moved to project management. It’s important that we have management that is recognizing good work and providing those opportunities.

What encourages you to continue your development at HCATS?

The driving force is that our work is about patient care. It’s either about saving a life or about prolonging a life. That’s very important to me – I’m doing something impactful.

This is a place where a person with vision or capabilities has the opportunity to not just go into an existing system and work with it, but actually build something new.

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The HCATS team is here to help cell therapy developers and manufacturers of all sizes perfect their products and prepare for commercial-scale manufacturing. You can learn more about other members of the HCATS team in future articles.

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