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Large-Scale Cell Therapy Manufacturing Using 3D Bioreactors - A Cost Effective Approach  

To make cell therapies widely available, efficient manufacturing process for large quantities of living human stem cells are needed. Conventional 2D culture of adherent cells in T-flasks or cell stacks is inefficient, cost, and labor intensive. 

At Minaris, our team of experts have established efficient large-scale cell product processes using 3D bioreactors to expand  adherent and non-adherent cells, allowing our team to design service packages and tailor-made solutions for your specific manufacturing needs. 

The benefits of using 3D bioreactors include:

  • Simple scale-up
  • High cell numbers
  • Low contamination risk
  • And more

Download our brochure to learn about the implications of utilizing 3D bioreactor processes in your allogeneic cell therapy. 


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